Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So I picked up an old idea I had, with the intention of finally finishing it....
Started out like this, until I realised this is no good. Chibi looks really out of place, and I need to stylise more, cartoony or something... Thing is, I never draw in cartoon style, despite having grown up with Disney films. Never occurred to me to draw the characters.
So this is where I went looking for reference.
Lots of Disney (jungle book) Dreamworks (Kung Fu Panda) and more (mostly from here: )
Left half is just freehand eyeballed stuff. Right hand side is my attempt to feel comfortable drawing this style.
I'll keep you posted with how it goes. 

One more~
Getting closer to what I was aiming for:

[ Jan 6th ] Update:
Sketched some more, and added a new monkey. perhaps a hero type!
Very much my own Sun Wu Kong version I guess.

The other bamboo warrior jumping on tiger thing will be picked up another time.@_@;; I am a bit angry at it still.


  1. It's really interesting to see you experimenting like this and the concept is pretty cool. I'm looking forward to seeing how this develops.

  2. Added one more sketchy thing. :3
    I am glad you are enjoying this. It's funny how ideas shift and change, and most of all: how much research is required...
    Learning a lot myself right now.