Sunday, January 9, 2011

Colouring tigers....

So yeah, started the colours...
This entry will be updated as I go along I think. I am still trying stuff out and such, so a lot is weird looking still.

^First try: deciding on colours. 
I had one version where the tiger looked a bit too yellowish brown. 
Got some refs and fixed that. still not 100% sure, but we'll see as I go along. 
Maybe I'll swap colours later.

^Flats down, even if messy. 
Also, lined cleanly now. trying to keep lines thinner these days, as colours become more and more important... =/

^I tried some blending in SAI, which turned out terrible, 
so I settled on Photoshop, sketching the colours down instead of painting. I feel more comfy cross-hatching, even in colour. 

Added some shading, fixed his face (was missing some 'beard')
Looking at it now, it's still a bit too orange/yellow to me. I might change up his gear/clothes colours. 

[Jan 11th Update]: 
Looked up some reference and followed fianc├ęs advice, 
changed the shorts and cloth colour arounr the hips. Also, added the weapon. 
I keep forgetting what it's called. ._.;;

Okay, now starting with back and side view. I really like the sketch from the side.
The other one gave me some trouble.

FLATS. LINES. phew. + u+

Anyway, will continue and extend this post as I go along, so don't forget to check back. :3
thanks for looking!

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