Saturday, January 15, 2011


Okay so, the tiger bits are nearly complete, but I've moved onto the monkey. Since the old post got long, I decided to do a separate post now for the hero monkey. :3

So yeah. this entire sheet was a pain. Just trying out various combos and mostly disliking them.
Some elements are nice, but I couldn't decide.
Asked friends for advice while slowly trying to find my favourites and fixing elements.
I really liked the last one, (bottom right) his colours were directly taken from a photo of an Orang Utan. 
Sadly, he looks too dark and 'evil' for a hero type character.

I kinda liked the white monkey thing, my friend Marcks had suggested this combo. 
Not settled, but we'll see. More testing and asking for advice from specific people.

[update Jan 16th]

Trying to decide and compare. =/ 
The colour choice at the end needs to look good next to the tiger, but I just can't decide for the life of me.
Red, brown or white monkey? Dark, regal or light armour? DX ARGHH!
This can't fill my entire day again, I have to finish this!

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