Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I sort of forgot about this place after a ton of work was dumped onto my head. I do have a number of things I want to share though, so enjoy a sketchdump post! Some are old, I just never showed anyone. x;


  1. THIS
    This is one of the most adorable sketches I have seen you do. Of everything you posted today, this was something I truly had to speak out about. XD;;; It's so good. I'm glad you post here AND Tumblr because I don't understand Tumblr and I don't think you can comment on the site so... I have no use for it. lol

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  3. Who's that watching Kyle play Bass? Also, I see Ko hasn't managed to cover up much yet, despite getting a bunch of new clothes; must be pretty warm on Gaia!

  4. @Busiris: Haha, glad you like! I find tumblr confusing too. getting used to it veeery slowly.

    @Fyorl: That's Shaun's character, Ree. :3 He mentioned she'd be the type to want to learn to play bass.
    Oh, and the gaia avi is not Ko actually. It was a gift for someone else. C: