Thursday, April 9, 2009

Light and shadow may be a bit strong, hmmm.
This is it for now though. once I add a fancier bg I will upload on DevArt etc. C:

Fixed nose bridge, tilted eyes a little, made his head rounder. :U
moar shadows onneck and shirt/hoodie.

smoothened out the shirt and hoodie and fixed lips and eyes. -__-;
I realised I need to practice painting cloth much more.
But for now I need a break.

Went back into OpenCanvas cause PS pissed me off. XD
still trying to wokr bit by bit on pieces here and there. his cheek looks bizarre, so I will have to find out how to fix it. his eyes also seem slighty... huge? XD
oh well. let's see if I manage to fix it.

ack. not happy with the hair. xD;
blond is so hard to paint. need to find better references.

eyebrows and stuff. will need to fix things as I go along but wanted to adjust the hair first.
Keep forgetting to move around while painting instead of staying fixed on one thing. X_x

Some skintones. |D nothing big yet.

Okay, counterpart of the "Hikami" picture (dude with the dark brown hair and the blue bg).
I plan on updating this post a few times, showing the progress.

I was mostly unhappy with the expression and a couple of technical things (it looked stiff kinda) witht he last one, so I picked a bit more emotion in this to see if I can manage. the question is, will I suceed or fail miserably. we shall see.
Wish me luck! :C

*opens Photoshop and openCanvas*


  1. oh cool- I'll have to check back soon and see the progress~

  2. you should upload pix in reverse order so that the reader doesn't have to read bottem-to-top.

    :D great work! look forward to seeing more stuff.